Addressing the opportunities and challenges in tomorrow’s worlds of work

The Event: Orgatec 2018
When: 23 – 27 October
Where: Koeln Germany
Why: The world’s largest office interiors exhibition happens only once every two years.
How: To find out if you might qualify for a free admission ticket, contact Leslie Fleck,

Long gone are the days when desks and filing systems dominated workplace exhibitions. Nowadays it’s  much more to do with work culture, work processes and work environments.

Orgatec not only offers a complete overview of the global market of furnishing, lighting, flooring, acoustics and media technology for the office and other commercial applications. The fair’s presentations and events also showcase the current trends and developments as well as best-practice examples from all over the world. Topics addressed at the fair include new concepts on the current trends of team work, digitalization, holistic interiors and the attractiveness of the workplace

New Features for architects, planners and engineers

This year the Architectureworld and the German Hotel Day events are being held during Orgatec, addressing the infrastructure, real estate, architecture and interior activities of the commercial real estate industry and enabling a larger spectrum of architects with an extensive exchange on the challenges of the industry.

New demands for improved networking and digitalization in and hotel construction require architectural considerations to be considered at a very early stage. Based on precisely this forward-looking theme, the trade fairs Architectureworld and the German Hotel Day both explore integrating architecture more intensively in the planning of commercial and hotel buildings.

 Activity-based Working – Plant 10.1

The environment we work in influences among others our well-being and our creativity. This is actually nothing new, is it? But then why are so few of our worlds of work not really creative or even a little bit "crazy"?

This is one of the questions that the event area “Plant 10.1” deals with. Its makers – Detecon and the ORANGE Council – implement creative ideas for a wide range of worlds of work on this space and call upon the visitors to take a totally different approach to human and (working) spaces.

This is important for the companies in the battle for the best employees. Since through the digitalization and globalization processes new markets, new players and new products are arising. In order to keep pace with this development, companies have to reinvent themselves. The results are found in new corporate cultures and new organizational structures. This has a big influence on working environments and the design of the workplace. In this connection companies, planners and designers not only search for functional solutions, but also new contexts and emotional forms of expression.

An innovative culture is the most important prerequisite for companies to put transformation processes in the scope of “new work” successfully into practice. How offices can become innovative tools will be demonstrated on the central exhibition area.

ORGATEC Trend Forum

Building on the success of the Trend Forum of the past years, international speakers will present the themes and trends influencing the working worlds of the 21st century in Hall 6, discussing how companies can adjust to accommodate them as well as using them to their competitive advantage.

Kenn Busch of Material Intelligence will be presenting at the Trend Forum at noon Tuesday, 23 October. His paper is called “The DNA of Responsible Sustainability in Material Design: The Natural Environmental Benefits of Manmade Decorative Surfaces.”

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