Veneers in Hospitality - Rarely the Right Choice

Fine woods and veneers are beautiful in the right setting. Unfortunately, hotels aren't very friendly to these fragile, sometimes even rare, materials. 

By definition, everyone who stays in a hotel is a transient tenant, with no vested interest keeping things nice. They're tired, they're rushed, they're overburdened with heavy luggage, and they can be rather careless with liquids, chargers, keys, computers, change, you name it. Veneers and solid woods don't stand a chance. 

Compounding the issue, few properties have the staff or budget to make repairs when needed. Once damaged, the room likely will remain so until it's remodeled or razed. 

Speaking as a frequent traveler, I have an urgent, desperate request: Designers, please, please stop using veneers in hotel rooms and elevator cabs. Checking into a room with abused wood surfaces is depressing, and devalues the property overall. There are many more durable, design consistent and cost-effective alternatives. Check out our applications page for more information. 

Veneers in Hotels - Hall of Shame

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