Bring Brilliant Color into Your World…
With No Fear of Commitment

When a crimson carpet is spread in a vacant space, that space is immediately enveloped in a rich, hallowed ambience; in the same vein, while decorating a space, color serves to affect peoples' state of mind.  

it's masking tape! vibrantly colored, infinitely rearrangeable, creates subtle layers, brings energy to any space.

If only it were possible to introduce color more freely into a space so as to suit the situations and feelings of the moment...  

It was this thought that gave rise to HARU stuck-on design; a decorative tape that is both functional and whose color leaves a lasting impression on people.

This year's exhibition takes up the theme "bring color into your life." Against the backdrop of the underpass of Stazione Centrale di Milano (Milan Central Station), which has been closed for 30 years, the realm of imagination emanating from color is presented together with poetic and philosophical observations about color.

The inspiration for this lies in what could be called ancient art — cave paintings. Shining light on them in the darkness, the vibrant colors of the paintings are imbued with the sentiments of those that painted them and the joy they found, and they make an impression on those that view them today.

Color the great invention of mankind, transcends the ages and culture; it has a close connection to us and elicits a variety of emotions. Within the venue, designs created using HARU stuck-on design; are displayed along with beautiful words associated with color from great masters from a variety of disciplines such as Goethe, Gogh, Gorkii, Munari and Sen no Rikyu.

By sticking on color, a space changes, expands, and becomes freer. In this place, we hope to communicate the creation of a new culture, that of "sticking on color" to the rest of the world.

Releasing the impact of color into a space : a concept from SPREAD

It starts with simply sticking on a single line of tape, then layering or configuring it whichever way you please. It can also be cut or torn off while constructing patterns.

HARU stuck-on design; can be stuck on and removed over and over; it is a tool with which, through trial and error, you can actively design a space completely by yourself.

At first glance, it may seem difficult to compose a space while designing a swathe of color. But this is exactly the same as coordinating fashion. If you use color freely, then a space will become a more familiar and appealing entity, and you're bound to be able to establish your own style.

Color not only brightens an environment, it also cultivates emotion and makes peoples' hearts sing. Through HARU stuck-on design, the distance between color and people is reduced, and SPREAD hopes that these two influence each other more positively and more freely.

SPREAD was established in 2004 by Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kobayashi.

They have won a number of awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the D&AD Award and the Good Design Award. 

Technology that appeals to peoples' sensitivities

Nitto Group, the leading industrial adhesive tape company in Japan, has continued its research and development of all kinds of base materials and adhesive agents since its inception.

Based on adhesive technology cultivated up until now, with HARU stuck-on design Nitto developed a special adhesive material that accommodates a wide variety of adhesive surfaces.  

In addition, Nitto  and HARU discussed color reproducibility and design possibilities at length, and have stepped into an area that commercial tapes have not ventured into up until now, where affixing color in a space to embellish it has an influence on peoples' senses and sensibilities.

Nitoms / Nitto Group: With a wide range of technologies nurtured over the years from electrical insulation material and adhesive tape-related businesses, the Nitto group has invented numerous high functional sheets and films based on ingenious combinations of those technologies for use in the industrial, medical, electrical and the other fields. As a consumer products division of the group, Nitoms manufactures many products which apply the technologies of the Nitto group.

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