Who Will Make Our Best Next World?

New thinking is the lifeblood of design and societal evolution. And young designers are just plain fun to talk to. Material Intelligence is proud to share the voices and visionaries we encounter in our wanders.

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Heimtextil Trend Table, Frankfurt (video)

Influential trend forecasters Anja Bisgaard Gaede from SPOTT Trends & Business (Denmark), and Titia Dane and Kate Franklin from FranklinTill Studio, (United Kingdom) discuss their roles as members of the 2018 Heimtextil Trend Table and Theme Park, on searching for "The Why," how using color takes courage, and our vibrant future.

C37 Design Studio, Monterrey, Mexico (video)

An interview with cofounder Carolina Cantú. C37 specializes in materials development, and recently showed their “liquid stone,” Magma 04 during design week in Milan. 

Lucie Koldova, Prague

Designer of the 2018 Das Haus Installation, Koeln Furniture Fair

"Light is something that can exist in a million different forms. I'm trying to understand this energy and shape it according to my dreams."


Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director, IMM Koeln (video)

The Creative Director of the Koeln Furniture Fair and Das Haus installation reveals how Lucie Koldova was selected for the 2018 installation.


Tanya Rapina, Aotta Studio, Moscow

Tanya has developed a system of acoustic panels made from conifer needles and a bio-based resin, bringing the hush – and the smell – of the deep woods into your office or home.

Color is controlled by changing the temperature used to cure the resin.

“If a tree falls in the forest and lands on a bed of pine needles, does it make a sound?”



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