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These suppliers are committed to helping you make the right choices for creating exciting, durable and responsible projects.

Omnova Solutions’ “Echo Deco” Collection – A Movement Toward Simple Luxuries

One of the megatrends emerging in 2019 is a return to luxuriousness. Before “Embrace Indulgence” was a featured topic of Heimtextil 2019, Omnova Solutions creative manager Jane Suchla was talking about consumers yearning for more luxurious surfaces, echoing the lush designs of the jazz age. Find out more about how this 3D laminate supplier is keeping ahead of design currents in this exploration of how design collections are created.

Uniboard’s Secret Weapon: Design 360, A Complete Digital Solution for Design Software

Interiors and furniture are designed, refined and sold on screens. It’s the first place most people will ever lay eyes on a material as they search for the perfect finish for their kitchen or the next hotel brand launch. If your material files happen to look so good it that they make designers’ concepts and renderings look incredible, the design community will take notice. 

Wilsonart, with Top Architects and Designers, Champions Responsible Forestry

Architects and designers specify wood to bring warmth and beauty to their work, and many believe that since trees can be replanted, they’re a renewable resource. While trees are renewable, forests are not; still in 2017, wood species from threatened and endangered forests continue to be used in design projects around the world. 


METIS Large Format Digital Imaging: Much More than Meets the Eye

METIS scanners are designed with the specific needs of the decor market. By combining innovative software with cutting-edge technologies, one device can provide a number of outputs, including 2D color scan, 3D data generation and glossiness data generation.


Interprint Captures and Preserves the Beauty of Long-Gone Timber

New image-capture and editing techniques, combined with incredible print fidelity and texture reproduction, are giving us the ability to dig into our past and rediscover resources that were once thought to be gone forever. We can bring them back to life, replicate them in incredible detail, and use in projects without worrying about scarcity, cost or durability.