Designers want quality time with you.

They say they’d rather attend an event where they can meet and chat with suppliers and get their specific questions answered, over a back-to-back schedule of presentations.

This is why we've created a combination of presentations, ranging from a rock-star young hospitality designer from LA ... to a national distributor of green building products who knows the design community well ... to an educator whose students regularly win national design competitions ... to two certified designer CEUs on material sustainability ... and including, well, you!

Scroll down for a special half-price sponsorship offer only for companies who sell to A&D specifiers.

The Concept:

  • Open channels of communication between design specifiers and materials suppliers

  • Provide an educational setting for designers with inspirational material exhibits

  • Offer networking time between designers and suppliers

    • Designers much prefer smaller groups and quality time with suppliers over rigid one-way presentation formats

  • New sponsor category: Materials producers with direct contacts to commercial designers

  • Designers attend for free; sponsors will cover their costs

The Setup:

  • Large conference room for all presentations

  • Sponsor and material supplier exhibits in the coffee break/foyer area

The Event:

  • 3 Days (3-5 December) at the Hilton Torrey Pines, La Jolla Califonia

    • Day 1: Golf outing (space is very limited!) and opening reception

    • Day 2: Designer Focus, with presentations and CEUs; Material Exhibits

    • Day 3: Supplier + Material Exhibits, Innovation Focus, industry panel discussions

  • Program:

    • Designer Sessions, Day One:

      • Design keynote: The Future of Hospitality Design

      • Educator perspective on materials specification and decorative panel reuse

      • Insights from a national distributor of green materials

      • Two certified CEUs on sustainability

      • Panel discussion

      • Networking, sponsor visits, cocktails

    • Designer + Suppler Sessions, Day Two

      • Updates on material textures, adhesives, digital printing and scanning

      • Deep dive into sustainability and messaging

  • Attendees:

    • Area designers (attend for free)

    • Area design students and educators (attend for free)

    • Area millworkers and fabricators

    • Material suppliers

    • Upstream suppliers to material producers

    • Distributors

  • Sponsors:

    • Upstream suppliers

    • National and local materials suppliers

Material Supplier Sponsorships:

  • $2,995 (Half the normal sponsorship rate, exclusively for companies that sell directly to A&D specifiers)

  • Includes a tabletop materials display

  • One free delegate registration ($890 value)

  • Logo on event website, signage, takeaways

  • Networking and access to designer delegates


Quick Facts:
When: 3-5 December
Where: Hilton Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California
How Much: $890 ($990 after 3 Nov.)
Room Rate: $199