Many factors influence choices made by architects and interior designers: technical requirements, performance, visual and tactile properties like color and texture, and don't forget sustainability. Material Intelligence offers practical definitions and applications for a wide variety of surfaces to help you choose the right material for your project.

The Guides: Surfaces for Furniture and Interior Architecture


The granddaddy of decorative laminates, HPL has proven itself over decades of use, and still offers more design options than any other material. 



Durable, easy to clean, 3D laminates are a perfect solution for healthcare, education, and retail. 


Decorative Paper Foils

Found often on vertical surfaces and RTA furniture, no other material is capable of the resolution and realism of decorative papers and foils. 



TFL - thermally fused laminate - combines durability, design, and incredible textures for commericial and residential furniture and panels.