Decorative Paper Foils

 Photo by  Kenn busch photography . all rights reserved. 

Photo by Kenn busch photography. all rights reserved. 


Decorative Paper Foils

Decorative foils carry solid color and high-fidelity woodgrain designs on low-wear surfaces.

Definition: Decorative paper-based foils are printed or solid-color papers saturated with a blend of resins engineered for the final application of the paper. They may also receive a top or a “finish” coat for additional performance characteristics.

Decorative foils are adhered with glue to substrates like particleboard or MDF. Some can be pressed onto panels machined with 3-D surface details to give the effect, for example, of a raised-panel kitchen cabinet door.

Applications: Decorative foils are widely used in RTA and home office furniture, often in combination with other materials like TFM and HPL, which is capable of higher wear and impact resistance. They are also used on ceiling panels, cabinet interiors, and on drawer components.


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